My Skin Care Routine

Since about October, I noticed that I was tending to get a lot more blemishes than I previously had done, so I decided that I needed to switch up my skin care routine in order to make sure I was cleaning my face as well as possible, and ultimately doing all that I could to prevent this! Therefore, I thought I would share the products that I use on a daily basis for this…..

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Firstly, both morning and night, I wash my face using Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam. I rub this all over my face and neck, then rinse it off with lukewarm water. I really like how this makes my skin feel afterward, and it is not at all harsh! This is the first step in Clinique’s ‘Three step skin care’.

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After cleansing using the foam, I use the Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion, which I apply all over my face with a cotton pad. Although this does smell quite strong, I feel that it must mean it does its job well! The clarifying is Step 2, and I really find that this gets off any last bits of makeup, and makes my skin feel smooth and not at all oily.

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After I have both cleansed and clarified my skin, I apply one of these three moisturizers, depending obviously on the time of day, and what I feel that my skin needs. If I have an area on my face which has quite a few blemishes (usually my t-zone), I tend to use the smart moisturizers as they feel smoother and kinder on my skin, and also quite soothing. However, on areas such as my cheeks, which aren’t as delicate, I just use the general Clinique superdefense, as this also has SPF 20 which is great to protect your skin. This is the final recommended step.

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I really like this gel for when I get a small blemish or a patch which just won’t go away! I simply apply it with my finger, and it seems to do the job very well, or at least within a few days if I continue to apply it. It doesn’t feel damaging to the skin; if anything it soothes it!

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These Simple wipes are one of my beauty essentials. I take them on any holiday or sleepover with me, as I use them to both take off makeup and also if I have very limited time to cleanse my face. They are of course suitable for sensitive skin, and also remove waterproof makeup which is always helpful! Another added bonus is that they aren’t too pricey.


Although I don’t use this product often, I do tend to use it for only very small blemishes over the clearing gel, as I feel it targets them more specifically and works more quickly. The tea tree within it draws out the moisture in spots, thus causing them to dry out and go away! The lipgloss style tube allows for easy and targeted application, and I know that what I am putting on my face is natural and will only help it!!

I hope this was helpful!

xoxo, Liv

**This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own

9 thoughts on “My Skin Care Routine

  1. Thanks for this- my main source of skin care products are based from Simple. With that being said, I have previously tried Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Range but I do not feel it has made a difference for my spots but worsened it. For me, leaving your face as natural as possible is my remedy.

    Ps: Do you have a Snapchat account which I can follow(trying to raise my blogging profile socially,if you don’t mind).

    #sweetreats xx


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