Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!!










Ahhh!! I am so happy to see the back of cold, rainy winter days, and finally welcome back some sun and the sunglasses! Undoubtedly, summer is my favourite season, and although we aren’t quite there yet, I feel like the clocks going forward and Spring starting makes it feel just that little bit closer! If anyone were to ask me what the best thing about Spring or Summer is, I think I would have to say the fact that the slightly warmer weather doesn’t require us to put a coat on over every single outfit! I love that it allows us to not have to plan every outing depending on the weather, and I adore the feeling of having the sun on my skin once more. Yet another benefit of the change in seasons is of course the beautiful plants and flowers that it brings with it- the ones featured in this post are from my Grandpa’s garden! I think he feels the same way as me; his garden is his favourite place to be, ‘pottering’ around in the greenhouse or shed, although he doesn’t like it too hot (unlike me!).

Anyway, here’s to the new beginnings that Spring brings with it- enjoy!

xoxo, Liv


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