My Manga Artwork!


Hey guys! Today I thought I’d share with you a painting that I recently did at school, which I themed on the Japanese style of Manga. Although many of my classmates chose to recreate a picture that was already in the Manga style, I decided that in order to produce a painting that illustrated something that I was interested in, I would recreate a non-Manga photo, and stylise it in a way that took some of the key features of the style, but still produced a unique piece of work. I chose to depict a model on a catwalk, (guess who it is in the comments!!), as I thought this fitted me and my interest in fashion well.

Firstly, I decided that for the background, instead of painting in the various brand names and logos that were in the background of the photo, I would simply use the tip of a paintbrush to spray white paint onto a dark backdrop, to create the impression of the camera flashes behind her. I then added the simple red carpet.

For the main feature, the model, I started by drawing her figure on a separate piece of paper, before beginning to paint in her skin, adding darker shades under her chin as contour, and a paler shade in the centre cut of the dress. I then painted her facial features, also outlining the enlarged eyes, which is a classic feature of Manga. To show the varied tones in her hair, I started off with a light blonde all over, and then gradually added darker shades at the roots and highlights and lowlights throughout. Finally, I painted her dress. To do this I mixed a slightly off white colour, before blending a more grey toned colour into it for the shadows. Lastly, I added in the gold and bronze embellishments to the shoulders, before cutting her out and sticking her onto the background!

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different style of post, which I hope to be doing a lot more of when I begin my Art & Design GCSE! Enjoy Easter for those of you who celebrate.

xoxo, Liv


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